The static module presents a symmetric 12-well plate compatible design, that enables open-well, static cultures. The versatility of the device enables to host a wide variety of tissue samples (cell monolayers, organoids, organitypic tissues, patient derived material) allowing direct access and conventional handling requirements.

The static module is equipped with a removable well , that simplifies culture procedures and, once removed and repositioned on the other side of the device, enables controlled co-cultures. At the end of the culture, the cartridge can be retrieved from the static module and cells can be imaged with microscopy techniques (fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, atomic force microscopy).



The perfusion module is a compact and plug and play device able to host both static modules and generate continuous recirculating bicompartmental flow. This setup nourishes cells and replicates physiological conditions thanks to embedded programmable pumps.

The visibility of both sides of the sample allows real time analysis and the easy retrieval of biological material allows end assays (qPCR, histology, -omics, imaging) to be performed. Up to three perfusion modules can be accommodated inside a custom-sensorized plate and can be connected to the control unit with a plug and play approach.

Many more modules will meet biologists and researchers needs, adding functionalities and enabling to build controlled and customizable sequential treatments.

We replicate complex pathophysiological conditions, with a simple, plug and play solution.